What does ARkandha ® ?

ARkandha ® manages knowledge for strategic decision-making. It works as a planning, execution, follow-up, monitoring and control tool for projects associated with the territory, with a multidisciplinary approach, based on independent and interconnected modules.


  • Project Administration

  • Multicriteria Studies

  • Property management

  • Social management
  • Environmental investments

  • Subsoil

What does it offer?

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Project Administration

It allows the coordination and control of the activities related to the operation of a project, guaranteeing safety and effectiveness.

Multicriteria Studies

It provides the necessary knowledge for territorial decisions making, when they depend on multiple thematic areas.

Property management

It supports those who need to acquire land, rights of way, or any superficiary rights for the development of infrastructure projects, the extractive industry, agroindustry, transport, ports, airports, railways, roads or any project.

Social management

Identifies the relevant actors associated with a project, establishing their levels of relationship and interaction.

Environmental investments

Supports the decision making related to the different environmental investments in a territory, as part of the environmental licensing obligations or as a result of voluntary investments.


Through cutting edge technology, the platform is able to incorporate different variables associated with the subsoil, in the planning of projects that require to operate in the territory.


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